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With RegCleanser™ - a Registry Cleansing Software, you can clean off the unnecessary broken and garbage value files that accumulate in the registry and speed your PC. This Registry Cleaner Software improves performance and prevents the crashing of operating system.

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Boost Your PC's Speed

Excessive storage of broken registry entries in PC is the main cause of slowing down of the speed of the computer. The RegCleanser™ cleans off these unnecessary & useless traces & broken files, cleans the registry and speed up your computer.


Improve Startup Speed

Try RegCleanser™ - a Registry Cleansing Software and see how your computer (PC) start booting up faster. Cleaning and removing unnecessary files from the windows registry speeds up the boot up process by giving lesser load on the processor during the start up.


FREE Tools

Free Start Up Manager tool helps you to easily manage the programs to be run on Start of your PC. Similarly, you can easily uninstall the unnecessary application from your computer using easy to use FREE Uninstaller tool.

Are You Tired Of Slow PC, Freeze & Frequent Crashes??
Try RegCleanser™ – Ultimate Registry Cleaning Software

Whether your computer is slow, or it freezes or simply crashes every now and then; RegCleanser™ is a highly powerful Registry Cleaner Software that can fix all these problems in a single-click. This Registry Scanning Software is your one stop solution to the problems of your computer.

RegCleanser™ removes the traces and the garbage entries left behind by the uninstalled programs, applications and software. It powerfully removes any unused DLL entries and orphan files that block up the memory space over time and engages the processor in useless task. When these entries are removed, your CPU does not have to process these functions and thus you can see a marked improvement in the performance of your PC. Your computer boots, and runs faster.

Instead of trying to revive your crashed PC, it is better to prevent it from crashing in the first place itself.

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Features & Benefits
  • Speed up the system by optimizing your Windows registry
  • Easy to use intuitive interface for thorough cleaning
  • Never lose information with a full back up utility
  • FREE Startup Manager & Uninstaller tool
  • System backup & Restore feature
Fix Problems
  • Slow boot up of PC
  • Uninstall errors
  • Corrupt programs
  • DLL Errors
  • Slow Speed of Applications and Programs
  • Erratic Error Messages
  • Invalid Application Paths
  • Broken file extensions
  • Operating system crashes
System Requirement
  • Initial installation requires 15 MB free hard disk space
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 and above
  • Operating privileges: logged on as administrator
  • Microsoft Windows 7®
  • Microsoft Windows Vista®
  • Microsoft Windows XP®

An Easy-To-Use Registry Cleaner To Speed Up Your PC

RegCleanser™ provides easy to use optimization software to speed up your computer and improve the stability of your Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, or Windows® 7 PC. RegCleanser™, the registry cleaning software repairs, cleans and optimizes the computer registry and also backs up changes for further recovery. It includes vitally necessary optimization tools to repair and fix Windows registry errors.