RegCleanser™ – An Ultimate Registry Cleaner Software

Scan Your PC
Now tweaking and fixing the problems in your PC is very easy. You can improve the stability and performance of your computer with the help of RegCleanser™. These are easy-to-use functions that can speed up your computer by removing nasty useless registry entries.

Whether you are an expert at using the computer or not, you can easily find and remove traces, and enhance the speed of your computer. Be it Windows 7®, Windows Vista®, or Windows XP®, this registry cleaner software has the tools to tweak and optimize the overall performance of your PC.

What RegCleanser™ Can do for you?
  • Safely clean, repair & optimize the Windows Registry.
  • Optimize the registry by repairing damaged traces and getting rid of the unnecessary entries
  • Creates FULL back-up in case a future recovery is needed
  • Scan & Removes:

    • All Registry Errors
    • Invalid Windows Shortcuts
    • Class ID Errors
    • Invalid Shared Files
    • Invalid Application Paths
    • Invalid Fonts
    • Invalid Help Files
    • Invalid File Extensions
  • Improvement in the speed and performance of Windows 7®, Windows Vista®, and Windows XP®
  • Performance optimization by removing invalid registry entries that cause program freezing and thus also avoids the system crash
  • Remove the orphaned entries and invalid shortcuts
  • Tune up the programs and services in the computer and thereby optimizes the Start-up and Shutdown times
  • Organize the registry for optimal performance
  • Clean Your PC Registry Fast & speed up your computer easily!
How It Works?

A FREE scan of the RegCleanser™, the most effective registry cleaner and optimizer shall tell you how much useless data the computer might hold at any given point of time.This includes

  • Invalid Registry Entries
  • Broken Shortcuts
  • Missing Shared Files
  • Class ID Errors

Apart from this, there are :

  • Unnecessary DLL entries from uninstalled software
  • Orphaned entries that takes away the critical space on the disc

All these results in decline of the computers performance.

These get piled up over a period of time and start to slow down the PC. If these are not removed at early stage, they may cause interference in the smooth running of PC. All these entries, extensions and shortcuts are normally hidden from the user’s eye.

The RegCleanser™ finds all these entries and brings it to the user’s notice. RegCleanser™The Ultimate Registry Cleaner can then completely remove all these unnecessary entries in a very effective way; however, it also maintains a backup that can restore these entries.

It has a simple and windows like intuitive interface that makes it easy to use for everyone.

With the regular use of this Registry Booster tool, you can be assured of fine performance and long stable life of your operating system.

Download RegCleanser™ – Ultimate FREE Registry Cleaner Software NOW!